Mist n Meadows Resort provides an ideal place for adventure camping for students as well as families. We provide freedom to explore an active outdoor life, closeness to nature and more other activities like table tennis, air gun shooting, basket ball, dart, chess, etc.

Some activities can be done by children of all age groups such as flying fox, valley crossing, burma bridge,rappelling,etc conducted by trained and professional staff. In addition one can enjoy jungle walk, trekking, bird watching, nature meditation, etc. These adventure activities are carefully designed tp provide youngstars with high quality, in depth experience in a range of outdoor adventures.

Flying Fox

Valley Crossing


School Students

Outdoor living in tents gives thrilling and exciting experience. Chirping of birds, jumping of monkeys and langoors give real feel of jungle camping. MnM adventure site provides more refreshing and rejuvenating pleasure than spending vacations in the busy and crowded places.